fiona hsu

Migration, 2021
Digital photograph

artist statement

The concepts of my photographs are mainly sprouted from my unconscious journeys—dreams. As an artist, I usually find inspiration in the aspects of my actions and emotions. But after encountering numerous peculiar dreams, I became fascinated by the unexpected events and out-of-the-world concepts my unconscious mind had created. The appearance of my photographs are dream-like, breathtaking or woefully melancholic, sometimes they’re a mixture of both.

My ultimate goal is to allow the audience to imagine beyond the frame and revisit the quaint tales and life events of their own. I also want my photographs to visualize something that cannot be seen—be it the complex forms of emotions and hidden weaknesses, which is why the process of taking pictures is beyond merely “striking a pose” in my images. I let my model, or myself when I take self-portraits, sprint ardently, dance inattentively, and collapse chillingly as I take continuous shots in order to capture the honest narratives of one’s emotions. The narrations of these images are then highlighted and depicted through whimsical and far-fetched elements with heavy photoshop works. After all, my photographs are personally meant for me to relive the breathtaking moments of my dreams, as well as hey meant for the audience to find their place in their narrations.

ig: @little.corvidae