shari wei
一百,100,one hundred, ett hundra, May 2020
Ballpoint Pen on toned paper, 5ft x 3.5ft

artist statement

一百,101,one hundred, ett hundra
Introduction: How do I make drawings, as systematically as possible? With the least thought, least intention and least planning?

Hypothesis: My drawings will become more complex and intricate with more time.

Changing variable: time intervals (+5 seconds with each set), different coloured ink indicating change in interval

Control variable(s): 10 3’x4’ drawings with every interval

Procedure: 100 drawings – 10 set time intervals x 10 drawings with each time interval. I am only allowed to use one continuous line, entering the paper from one point, either exiting at another or closing into the drawing.

1. Randomized time - red
2. 5 seconds - deep blue
3. 10 seconds- fuschia
4. 15 seconds- green

5. 20 seconds - brown (11 drawings)
6. 25 seconds orange (9 drawings)
7. 30 seconds - pink
8. 35 seconds - plum

9. 40 seconds - black
10. 45 seconds - lavender

Conclusion: My drawings just had more lines, not necessarily more intricate or complex. I had more time to linger. I had more time to wonder if I should be constructing a recognizable form or image.

Arrangement Procedure:

I shuffled all the drawings to randomize it as best as I systematically can, and laid them out in front of me upside down. Whatever I picked up had to be placed down to the nearest extending line from another drawing.


I think it’s silly and almost ironic that in my attempts of finding a methodology of art making that doesn’t require intention, a system is created with very much care and consideration. 一百,101,one hundred, ett hundra is an experiment, a pseudo middle school science lab, an art process, play and everything in between. Of course, there is still human error (i.e. 11 drawings in set 5 and 9 drawings in set 6). This work can be recreated and repeated an infinite number of times and it will never come out the same way. What will make a difference each time is the agency of the artist and their intention or un-intention, or both.

ig: @qi6oer