will goodnough

Midsection, excerpt from Dissected Body with Organs Like These., 2021
Mixed media, 11 x 13 inches

artist statement

The piece is a dissected midsection of a fossilized person of omnidirectional temporal origins, annotated by an undergrad artist roleplaying an amateur archaeologist anthropologist/fanfiction writer. “Midsection” is a section of 9 pieces of “Dissected Body with Organs Like These,” a right foot, a left foot, right and left hands, a pelvis, a chest, a head and a left knee.

Misappropriated bodies in endless, still present, want for pasts and futures/project onto the diaphanous figures and organs of invented creatures with frozen digital remains. These bodies relate and antirelate from a great distance as I do the same.


I’m a nonbinary trans person, and while (visible subject wise) it’s not the shortest distance between two tokenistic points you can technically redeem this art and it’s transgender authorial perspective for internet morality coins, and so you are encouraged to broadly publicize how much you like or dislike my objects and follow my social media this piece got 20something likes so blow my shit up :o)

website: willgoodnough.com
ig: @goodinuf