talia markovich

as cathy, as kate as cathy, living room, 2020
video, 4:30

artist statement

This video was made in part because I love Kate Bush and in part because I love Wuthering Heights. But also, because I wanted to escape my own being and enter
the ethereal essence of Cathy Heathcliff/Earnshaw/Linton, whose existence in a plane of deranged fantasy, that is not quite on earth nor quite in the spiritual realm, was very enticing to me at the time. The video is an expression of intense unfulfilled yearning to be not held by any sort of boundaries; physical, mental, romantic, spiritual, etc...  

The greenscreen provided a freedom from my apartment (which during the time of filming I was legally required to stay in because of stay-at-home orders) by allowing me to transport to the English moors filled with sheep and mist. Similarly, in lip-synching to Kate Bush singing as Cathy I exchanged my own consciousness for a dramatic rendition of the psyche of an already dramatic woman. This escape from my current reality allowed me to enjoy my seemingly restricted existence more, as it revealed that my confinement was  merely physical, as mentally I was centuries away haunting Wuthering Heights.

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