rowan o’bryan

Perished Pills, 2020,  Prescription Pills in Resin, 6 x 6 inches

artist statement

This sculpture is made out of my own expired medication. I can name each pill just by looking at the color and shape because they’re all so important in keeping me alive and well. I love how colorful pills can be and it makes me wonder if they are made like that to try and seem more appeasing to take. It almost looks like candy. The color pallet really inspired me to make something using resin. I am hoping to make more of these and hang them up in my window as if it is stained glass.

My illness creates a lot of excess trash from used medicine/ medical equipment. I like repurposing the waste into art because it makes me feel less guilty about my carbon footprint and it turns what I think of as something negative into something positive.

ig: @row.1